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Veronica Barbato — Tua Sorella

20 October 2022 - 13 January 2023
Artphilein Focus, Lugano
Via F. Pelli 13

10:00 am — 6:00 pm

Photographer and visual artist Veronica Barbato's "Tua Sorella" is a photographic exhibition dedicated to the tragic death of her sister Mary, which the artist transforms into an icon through photography and contamination of pop art and street art.

"This is my sister’s story. At the age of 23, she committed suicide after a period of drug addiction, I am giving her a second life, using the language and the dimension of street art, making her travel the world, as she did not have a chance to do. In the photos I insert bright colors to represent the hallucinations, phrases taken from his secret diaries, glitters describe the false illusion of drugs. The colors, a jubilation to his life. The project is the result of a social redemption, leading Mary to be the protagonist of a new life. With her my childhood has never lost its magic, with her it has never lost its drama. Love does not end, love always wins". — Veronica Barbato

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