• Evento 2022 Viva Il Quartiere Foresta Luganoregion 05


04 December 2022
Sala Concerti ex Municipio Castagnola, Lugano-Castagnola
Piazza Carlo Cattaneo 1


17:00 - 18:10

Percussion concert by and with Ivano Torre.

It's a concert for drums, “bladephone”, bells, and vocals, all strictly natural. Most of my works draw inspiration from nature and the relationship that man has with it. My first solo job (1986) had the simply title ‘percussions’. It was imaginative music, that is, music that projects you into a world of changing and fluid images. About 30 years ago I actively participated in the search for birds in Ticino Canton, listening to their singing and trying to derive rhythmic phrases, which can be then developed and played on drums. From there I have always been interested in the animal world, their singing, how they scream and how they move. My playing behind drums is dance, fun, movement, it is flow and it is a little bit like the animal world. I use this feature to become a kind of storyteller with percussion and with a thick search for ‘unconventional’ sounds.

Foresta is a journey into the human depths, it is a forest of sounds surrounded by the strangest and most unpredictable animal figures. A myriad of rhythms that chase and cross each other, generating the forest in which we are immersed.

More info about the artist: official website

As the availability of parking is limited, we invite participants to use public transport. Line 2 of the TPL bus, direction Castagnola.


Price of the single show within the review is CHF 15.-
Promotional package – CHF 40.- x 3 events.
Public transport facilitation: with the bus ticket reduction of CHF 2.- on the price of the single show.

For info and reservations: +41 76 539 72 26 / +41 78 805 90 17;;;


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