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Gianluigi Giudici – Homo Faber

02 December 2022 - 24 February 2023
Gipsoteca Gianluigi Giudici, Lugano
Riva Antonio Caccia 1 A

Ten years after Gianluigi Giudici's death, the Renato and Gianluigi Giudici Foundation wants to pay tribute to the artist through a photographic focus on his figure.

With the selection of shots in the exhibition, the intention is to open a further window on the world of Gianluigi Giudici, man–craftsman–sculptor, tracing a visual path between the works in the permanent exhibition and the archival photos, revealing a previously unseen cross-section in which the intimacy of work in the workshop alternates with the mundanity of exhibitions and inaugurations of his works.

The use of the Latin locution used to identify the title of the exhibition, "homo faber fortunae suae," or "man maker of his own fortune," attributed to the Roman author Appius Claudius Blind, is in fact meant to emphasize, how Gianluigi Giudici was himself the maker of his own success thanks to the hard work that from a very young age distinguished him and brought him closer to knowledge of the subject.

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