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Morcote Scal

01 April 2023
Scalinate di Morcote, Morcote


15:30 - 19:00

The first edition of Morcote Scal, promoted and organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Morcote.

A spectacular race through the narrow streets of Morcote and the magnificent monumental stairways that lead from Piazza Granda to the Church of Santa Maria del Sasso. A non-timed but direct elimination race that will be able to put even the strongest to the test. 420 steps of history and breathtaking panorama!

Among the members (100) the batteries will be drawn. 20 batteries made up of 5 runners. The first 2 of each heat qualify for the next heat. The last three classified will be grouped in the play-off heats. Everyone will thus be able to run and compete with others at least twice on the stairs


From CHF 35.-

Membership will be limited to 100 subscribers only.


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