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San Salvatore Vertical 2023

16 April 2023
Piazza Municipio Paradiso, Lugano-Paradiso
Via alle Scuole 23


08:00 - 13:00

After a departure through the streets of the town of Paradiso, the route follows a very beautiful panoramic path that leads directly to the summit at 913 meters above sea level.

The panoramic terraces, the warm spring sun and the festive atmosphere will complete a wonderful day of sport, friendship and joy. The excellent welcome of the San Salvatore Trail is particularly suitable for families with children who want to participate in the popular walk.

The departure from Paradiso allows everyone to easily reach this unique location by public transport or private vehicles; for those staying in the area for longer, there are ample options for hotels and accommodation facilities. The race ends on top of the mountain, a renowned panoramic resort that also offers many alternative activities, where you can eat and attend the award ceremony before returning to the valley by funicular (or by foot) quickly and safely. The finish area is also easily accessible to non-runners who would like to go up to assist their loved ones or watch the arrivals and cheer on the runners.


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