• Mostra 2023 Nuova Esposizione Al Galleria Ristorante Arta Al Lago Copy Cosimo Filippini Luganoregion

New exhibition at the Galleria Ristorante Arté al Lago

01 February - 26 November 2023
Galleria Artè al Lago, Lugano
Rivetta Alfonsina Storni 1

In 2002, the gallery-restaurant Arté was opened with the idea that, in addition to culinary art, its guests could come into contact with the visual arts, mainly in the form of sculptures and plastics up to kinetic objects.

In 2012 we held a retrospective in which all 21 artists who had exhibited in the previous 10 years were given another opportunity to also show more recent works.

In the meantime, another 10 years have passed. We would like to take a a look back, this time spreading the artworks of the 17 exhibiting artists over 2 years.


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