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The art of perfection: Maurizio Pollini

28 March 2023
LAC Centro Arte e Cultura, Lugano
Piazza B. Luini 6


20:30 - 22:30

At 80, Pollini is an undisputed icon of the international piano scene.

The depth of his artistic vision is embodied in performances that have made history in the repertoire and given voice to some of the greatest composers of contemporary and 20th-century music.

His traditional reserve and dedication hint at his love of music, an absolute reverence for the repertoire that is instantly conveyed to his audience when he takes the stage, simply bows, sits down at the piano and prepares to play in the total silence that has meanwhile settled in the hall.

Pollini returns to the LuganoMusica season to honour the almost annual appointment that ties him to the Lugano public, who will not fail to accompany this extraordinary Maestro in his reflection.


From CHF 13.20.- to CHF 77.-


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