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At the heart of the Mediterranean Basin with Jordi Savall and Le Concert des Nations

19 April 2023
LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, Lugano
Piazza B. Luini 6


20:30 - 22:30

Spanish musician Jordi Savall is a world music star for having devoted his career to discovering the most hidden repertoires and cultures of the Mediterranean Basin.

As a musician and conductor, he invites audiences to travel as if through a time machine. “He would go back to ancient Greece to hear that priceless lost musical heritage again”, wrote the Guardian in 2016.

Savall is not alone in his research. Over the years, he has founded internationally renowned ensembles such as Hesperiòn XXI and La Cappella Real de Catalunya. His latest creation is Le Concert des Nations, which he founded in 1989 to devote himself to the European repertoire from the perspective of renewed interpretation and rigorous historical approach. The ensemble will perform in Lugano François Couperin's piece from which it takes its name: a suite portraying the nations of Baroque Europe.

“We created Le Concert des Nations as an orchestra with a majority of Latin musicians from Spain, Italy and France, but also from Argentina and other South American countries. The ensemble is under the influence of musicians with a very Mediterranean temperament. The individual is always present, so the orchestra sounds almost like a large chamber group. Even the last viol will sound like the first viol,' said Savall in an interview.


From CHF 13.20.- to CHF 77.-


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