Giro lungolago attorno al Monte Caslano

Hiking Trail

This path leads along the shores of Lake Lugano and in two sections along Monte Caslano. In addition to winding alleys and the lively piazza of Caslano, spectacular views of the straits of Lavena Ponte Tresa and Italy beckon.

The obstacle-free path leads from the railway station to the scenic Lido di Caslano on the shores of Lake Lugano. Shortly after, you reach the piazza on the lakeside promenade and the old village centre with its winding alleys, ancient buildings and cosy grotti. The typical Ticino village lies at the foot of the 526-metre-high Monte Caslano, surrounded by Lake Lugano. Due to its rich fauna, geology and botanical rarities, the peninsula of Monte Caslano is a protected nature reserve.

The route leads on the left side of Monte Caslano along the lake shore. Palms, limes, elms, ashes, robinias, cherries, chestnuts, maples and native shrubs line the path. Along the way, secluded spots by the lake invite you to take a break. Follow the road past the fisheries museum to the sailing club before returning to the piazza.

The second part of the hike runs to the right of Monte Caslano, with stunning views of Ponte Tresa and Italian Lavena Ponte Tresa. The natural strait is several hundred metres long and separates Lavena Ponte Tresa from Caslano by only 20 to 30 metres. A short while later, you catch sight of the lime kiln of Torrazza, dating back to 1913 –valuable testimony to the now-forgotten local industrial activity. This type of kiln was one of the last to be built in Europe.

At Piccolo Lido Sassalto, you reach the route's turning point. A cosy picnic area invites you to linger awhile. Afterwards, a leisurely stroll takes you back to Caslano, towards the scent of chocolate. The Alprose chocolate factory, with its own chocolate museum, presents the world of chocolate from its beginnings to the present day. The tour ends at Caslano railway station.

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  • Height Difference

    Ascent: 48 m
    Descent: 34 m
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  • Durata

    2.50 h

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