Autumn in Lugano

Whether you’re looking to prolong the summer, avoid the peak season crowds or you just can’t wait for those golden leaves to start falling, Lugano look dazzling in the glow of autumn. Mid-September into November is the ideal time to do a trip in the region of Lugano, when temperatures are milder during the day, pleasantly cool at night, and the landscape is bursting with the colours, sounds and smells of country life.

Participate in the time-old tradition of the Vendemmia and learn about the best local wines and how they are made. Go chestnut-hunting in the valleys or pop into a taverna to taste authentic ticinese food.

Remember: locals take autumn harvest seriously. Sagre are being held in honour of everything from chestnuts to mushrooms, pumpkins and even polenta.


Thanks to its valuable position, Lugano is a great base to explore Ticino and beyond. With fantastic transport link via the train main roads, you can visit pretty villages, wine countrysides and UNESCO masterpieces. Many of the main attractions can be included in one-day trips, when you travel by train, by bus or by car.

If you love to walk and want to discover city's icons, arts and cultural history you can choose a wide range of option as guided tours or self-guided tours....get your walking shoes ready!


Best fall Foliage in Lugano

Lugano is at its most beautiful in the fall. As the leaves turn, Lugano's parks put on an unforgettable show, complementing the cultural and natural scenario. A walk on the longlake now doubles as a foliage tour. It's a great time to choose one of the hiking paths of the region, as the crowds thin out, but the weather is still pleasant. On a cooler day, take a stroll through the gorgeous city center and visit one of the museums located all around.

The season beckons for long weekend drives and adventurous hiking and backpacking trips. Let us take you there — read on to find the best places for viewing fall foliage, and what else to do along the way.





Panoramic peaks


Admire autumn colours on a walk

While locals are going back to work, recalling the summer and planning for the next one, others are still finding their way here, to spend a different kind of holiday.

It is a time for hiking in clean, crisp air and colourful surroundings. Waiting for the winter to arrive.


Food & Wine as an experience

Castagnatas” (chestnut festivals) are celebrated throughout Ticino in October. In the Region of Lugano you will find the golden brown chestnut in a variety of preparations: roasted chestnuts, marmalade, honey, fancy cakes, and ice cream, among other delicacies.

Take a stroll in the city center, enjoy a food & wine guided tour, party during local harvest festivals accompanied by music, past the market booths and you will discover many other local culinary delights as well as arts and crafts.


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