gARTen - festival di teatro nel parco - 05.07.2023



Wednesday: 18:00 – 23:00

The summer festival organized by the Claudia Lombardi Foundation for Theatre includes an opening day on July 5, entirely dedicated to performers from our area.

Swing, the performance by Kevin Blaser and Faustino Blanchut, stages two quirky characters who confront each other on a battlefield. Swept up in a maelstrom of competitiveness, they give life to an acrobatic duel that is at times comical and grotesque.

Valea Völcker, meanwhile, investigates with Absence the theme of absence and lack through a site-specific performance that combines contemporary dance, theater and song. 

Then it will be the turn of Adrien Borruat, who in his show Colosse uses juggling, dance and pantomime to create a vulnerable character capable of transforming his fragility into his greatest strength. 

Emerson Damian Vergel and Aws Al Zubaidi, in their performance Curvo & Buka-Voice, use the body and sound as tools to explore a present in constant motion and a past made of memories and evocations. Dance and song will envelop and engage the audience.   

Concluding the evening will be Isabella Giampaolo, who with curiosity, empathy and a pinch of salvific irony brings to the Càsoro stage E tu chi sei?, a study on Alzheimer's and its consequences, where she blends various theatrical languages such as speech, non-verbal and figure theater. 

A food village will be set up in the park from 6 pm. A DJ set will fill the atmosphere with music and Radio Morcote International, through interviews with the protagonists of the festival, will tell gARTen on air and through podcasts. 

The festival is completely free of charge. 

In case of bad weather all events are confirmed and will take place in the indoor halls.

Possibility to park your car a few meters from the Foundation. 

For those under 25 and those arriving by bicycle or public transportation, a free drink!

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