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Brè s/Lugano

The Wilhelm Schmid Museum

Located in the centre of the vil¬lage Brè, the Museum is dedicated to the work of the painter Wilhelm Schmid, an exponent of the German New Objectivity of the 20s, who moved to Ticino in 1937.

The collection documents the important stages of his artistic development, marked by simplified forms, plain colours and strong luminosity.

In 1982 the building was restored on a project of Architect W. Eberli and now strikes the visitor as a small cultural reality capable of maintaining intact the atmosphere that surrounded the artist. The painter (1892-1971), was an important representative of the artistic-cultural movement called “Neo-objectivity”, which had arisen in Germany in the Twenties, before the advent of Nazism.

The current derives from Expressionism and included, among its followers, painters such as Otto Dix, Grosz and Schad. Although Wilhelm Schmid belonged to this movement, he was an artist who expressed a more romantic and less aggressive vision than his colleagues and followed a poetical current inspired by the small things of every day life.

Permanent collection: a collection of works and memorabilia of the painter Wilhelm Schmid (1892-1971).


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  1. Contact

    Museo Wilhelm Schmid
    Contrada Prò, Scalinata Canter 22
    6979 Brè s/Lugano
    +41 58 866 42 93

  2. Opening

    Opening season
    07.04 - 29.10.2023
    Open on
    2:00 pm – 5:00 pm and upon request

  3. Prices

    Free entry