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Museo delle Culture

Aware of the continuous transformations of our society, the Museum incessantly inquiries about the possibilities of cultures’ dialogue.

Thirty years since its opening and with a fully renewed style, the MUSEC hosts in Villa Malpensata a rich exhibitions and events program which, with an anthropological point of view, comprises Primitivism as the photography of Exotism.

Temporary Exhibitions

15.02 - 16.06.2019 Un tesoro ritrovato. Nuove opere della Collezione Brignoni
15.03 - 01.09.2019 Le metamorfosi della nostalgia. Esotismo e fotografia fra Otto e Novecento
07.04 - 28.07.2019 Je suis l'autre. Giacometti, Picasso e gli altri. Il Primitivismo nella scultura del Novecento



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  1. Contact

    MUSEC - Museo delle Culture
    Villa Malpensata
    Riva A. Caccia 5 / via Mazzini 5, entrata dal parco
    6900 Lugano
    +41 58 866 69 60

  2. Opening

    Open on
    10:00 - 18:00
    Tuesday closed

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