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Museo del Malcantone

The Malcantone Museum in Curio in Switzerland has recently undergone a radical makeover and the contents of the museum have been completely overhauled.

Starting with a concise illustration of local history and everyday life in the past, the museum takes visitors on a journey to discover the phenomenon of emigration, something which has been a constant feature of life in Malcantone for centuries.

Traditionally men used to emigrate from Ticino to work in every sector of the building trade, including as builders, plasterers or painters of frescoes. This small territory in southern Ticino- Switzerland is thus depicted as a mere molecule in the wider world, with its own specific features.

But above all with a series of links, often surprisingly distant and profound, with other territories and other cultures: the World in Malcantone and Malcantone in the World. The important thing is not just to look backwards, but also to look to the present and future of our society.


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  1. Contact

    Museo del Malcantone
    Via Caradora 15
    6986 Curio
    +41 91 606 31 72

  2. Notes
  3. Opening

    Opening season
    02.04 - 29.10.2023
    Open on
    or by appointment open all year round

  4. Prices

    CHF 5.-
    0-16 years old CHF 3.-