• Chiesa di Sant'Abbondio, Montagnola
  • Chiesa di Sant'Abbondio, Montagnola


Chiesa Sant'Abbondio

The Parish Church of Sant'Abbondio is set away from the village, in a picturesque location. It can be reached via an avenue flanked by cypress trees.

It was documented from as early as 1372 and became a Parish Church in 1530. In front of the facade, slightly to the south, there is a post-Romanic truncated bell tower. The church is an oriented basilica, with a high gabled facade supported by pillars with side volutes. On the volute, there are illusionistic architectural depictions of very high artistic quality, dating back to 1850, and a painting of Our Lady of the Rosary in a chiaroscuro technique, dated to the 18th century, by Giuseppe Antonio Petrini. In the nearby cemetery, the tombstone of architect Pietro Boffa from Montagnola - mainly active in Russia in 1875 -  features the "Prayer" sculpture by Vincenzo Vela. Hermann Hesse is also buried in this cemetery.


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