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Villa Ciani

An entirely different villa. A visit in enhanced reality.

The residence of the Brothers Ciani reopens the gates and welcomes visitors to a virtual tour that enables to see the original furnishing and equipment, and to savor the atmosphere of the period. The visit with smartglass takes 30 minutes and is available in Italian, French, German and English.

«You are now wandering through the rooms of this villa where Filippo and I lived and died. But history, my dear ones, is much longer and more intricate, it goes far beyond us and precedes us... It all began, for our family, in the seventeenth century, in Blenio Valley, in northern Ticino». (Giacomo Ciani) 


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  2. Notes

    Visits for groups on request.
    Not recommended for small children.

  3. Opening



    Duration: 30 min.

  4. Prices

    Adults (from 16 years old) CHF 10.-
    Children (8 - 15 years old) CHF 5.-