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Camera F

"Camera F" was created as the personal archive of photographer and visual artist Matteo Fieni ( and is part of the artistic circuit as a home/gallery. He offers a vision of his personal research with several complete and immediately available works, as well as works in the process of being defined. "Camera F" takes its name from the famous text by Barthes, to whom it pays homage, but it is also a reference to the Anglo-Saxon term "camera", understood as a camera, or "dispositif" (ref. Faucault). It is also, physically, an open "room", a place of research and sharing, where new collaborations between image and other forms of expression are experienced, with a spirit of humanistic research, as well as technique.


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  1. Contact

    Camera F
    Via Cattedrale 13
    6900 Lugano
    +41 76 558 50 88

  2. Opening

    Open by appointment