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  • Maglio del Malcantone
  • Maglio del Malcantone
  • Maglio del Malcantone
  • Maglio del Malcantone
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Edificio Storico Maglio del Malcantone

The forge was built by the Giuseppe Righetti family from Aranno in 1860. The forge produced iron tools like scythes, sickles, shovels, spades and hoes. In 1979 the “Malcantone Forge Foundation” was established and in 1992 restored the forge in order to preserve some local history for the future generations of Malcantone.

Water, as source of energy, turns the wheel, which touches the end of the arm of the hammer transforming the circular movement into a vertical movement in order to permit the hammer to fall on the anvil. The Malcantone forge is the only one of its type still in existence in Switzerland. Production was interrupted suddenly on August 10th 1951. During the night, the Magliasina stream rose to levels which had never been reached before. The forge was flooded and partially destroyed. Fedele Agostoni, the last blacksmith (1888-1983), had to take refuge, with all his family, in Miglieglia.


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  1. Contact

    Maglio del Malcantone
    Comitato di gestione: Paolo Righetti, Niki Paltenghi, Roy Clavadetcher
    Sentiero delle Meraviglie
    6986 Miglieglia

  2. Opening

    Open on
    Open from April to October
    from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm

    Closed if it's raining

  3. Prices

    Admission: by donation

  4. How to arrive

    Take the path that from Ponte di Vello leads to the Sentiero delle Meraviglie

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