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All information about Coronavirus

Here you can find information and answers to frequently asked questions about the current coronavirus situation in Ticino.

The entertainment venues (cinemas, theatres, museums, youth centres, sports centres, fitness centres, swimming pools, wellness centres, ski lifts, boat tours, public parks, playgrounds, dog parks, discos, piano bars, night clubs) will remain closed until further notice, as established by the decree of 11 March 2020.

Events, exhibitions, shows and entertainment activities will therefore be subject to postponement and cancellation.



Inside an Artificial Brain. Permanent Interactive Installation by Alex Dorici and Luca Maria Gambardella.

Imagine for a moment, as you walk through the 100-metre-long pedestrian tunnel of Besso, that you can observe what is happening inside an artificial brain. “NeuralRope#1” reproduces in three dimensions a large neuronal network, where the LED screens represent neurons and where ropes that connect them evoke axons and synapses, which propagate the nerve impulses between one neuron and another.

The kinship between artistic work and scientific research offers the possibility of better understanding what artificial intelligence is: scientist Luca Maria Gambardella and visual artist Alex Dorici together have created “NeuralRope#1”, in a joint effort with Lugano Living Lab and to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (USI-SUPSI).

“NeuralRope#1” is an interactive and permanent work. It is in continuous evolution: during the day it thinks and observes passers-by and at night it dreams and processes what it has seen, because “NeuralRope#1” learns from us to interpret autonomously the reality that surrounds it.

(Texts by Ada Cattaneo)


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    L*3 - Lugano Living Lab, Istituto Dalle Molle (USI-SUPSI)
    Piazza della Riforma 1
    6900 Lugano
    +41 58 86 70 09

  2. Notes

    Reach the location. Make a hand gesture. A 3D shape is recognized.

    Information on privacy:
    The camera of the artwork Neuralrope#1 does not record any image and does not allow the identification of people. The system interprets several manual gestures made by those who interact with it, tracing only the combinations; the analysis conducted is therefore only numerical.

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