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Little Museum of Sessa and Monteggio

The Small Museum of Sessa and Monteggio was opened in the Sixties when a group of young people, encouraged by Beppe Zanetti, started collecting objects belonging to the Ticino farming civilisation.

This ethnographic museum collects several examples of the local rural civilization. Tools, fabrics, clothing and objects, which recall our ancestor’s history and their leisure, are exhibited. The museum offers several theme exhibits such “Bosch, boschiröö e legnamee”(wood works) and “Life on a thread” (wool, hemp and silk). The typical, early 20th century kitchen with fireplace, is especially charming. The cobbler’s shop “Bagatt” preserved in only one of its details and perhaps the only one of its kind in Ticino, is also extremely fascinating and had remained active until the fifties of the last century.

New: In May, the "dairy" was inaugurated. In this room you can see the various objects used to transform milk into cheese and butter.


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