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Archivio audiovisivo di Capriasca e Val Colla

The ACVC collects, safeguards and redelivers to the population and to all the parties, images and oral testimonies that constitute the collective memory of the region.

The audiovisual patrimony mainly comes from privates who offer the possibility to put their images and their experiences in the archive. On the ACVC website it is possible to see all the images; at the end of 2020 the collection consisted in over 9000 images and ca. 150 hours of recording. During the last years the ACVC has also begun to deal with the harvest of amateur tapes.

The content of the current show in the center of Roveredo, that also acts as point of reference for audiovisual researches on the territory, reassumes the work brought ahead in the first eight years of life of the ACVC: an exhibition of a choice of images that gives account of the variety of themes in the ethnographic collection and a choice of audio tracks based on interviews to the elderly of the region.

The show consists of over 70 images exposed in different formats, the press of thematic photographic albums that the visitors can skim through, a computer station to access all the collected materials and an audio station to listen to some of the interviews.


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