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Theater and Museum Cannizzaro

Themed Theater Museum.

The museum consists of various rooms with themed scenes and paintings, unique and original as I designed and made them myself. Each room has a name. People with significant disabilities can only visit the ground floor. Entrance is free, but voluntary contributions for the management of the museum are gladly accepted. Visits are guided and it is possible to visit every day, but by appointment only, on +41 79 414 47 32.


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  1. Contact

    Museo Teatro Cannizzaro
    Franca Cannizzaro
    Piazza da sorà 2
    6997 Sessa
    +41 79 414 47 32

  2. Opening

    Opening season
    20.06 - 15.11.2021
    15.03 - 15.11.2022
    Open all days
    11am - 6pm
    Tours are guided and by appointment only

  3. Prices

    Free entry

  4. Access to the disabled
    • Difficult access
    • Accessible to persons with mobility problems, with difficulty (D)
    • Parking available for disabled people (P)
    • Restroom with wheelchair accessible (WC)