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Fondazione d'Arte Erich Lindenberg - Museum Villa Pia

The Museum Villa Pia in Porza, created by the "Fondazione d'Arte Erich Lindenberg" costituted in 2008 by Mareen Koch, has as mission the conservation and promotion of the German painter Lindenberg (Gronau 1938 - Berlin 2006).

The foundation was created with the main goal of preserving and presenting the whole work of this great artist, who lived in between Munich and Berlin, to a public. Cooperation with the artist’s erstwhile companions, such as curators, art critics, and gallery owners, is being intensified. This also includes the museums in which his works were exhibited, with the aim of bringing about subsequent loans, sales, and exhibitions.

The museum project “Villa Pia” in Porza near Lugano, the new location of the collection, affords the opportunity of presenting a first posthumous retrospective. Several of his paintings were exhibited here and concerts held even before the building was renovated in order to raise awareness of the museum in Italo-Switzerland and beyond. A permanent but alternating part of the collection will be presented there after the retrospective. Regional artists as well as international painters and photographers will similarly also have occasion to enrich art life in Ticino and Lombardy.

To this end and to encourage local roots, the Museum is active as a place for meetings and cultural exchanges.


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