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Oratorio di Signôra

The oratory was built in 1819 on a hill with a beautiful panoramic view of the Val Colla.

It consists of a main rectangular room with a large cross vault. The wooden altarcarved in baroque style - represents a masterpiece.  Next door is the sacristy.  The ceiling above the altar is decorated with an old eighteen-century altar painting showing St. Joseph with the child. In the main room, with the large cross vault, a majestic sun is shining. The artist has also repainted the Way of the Cross.

Ralf Abati has redesigned all the walls and ceilings in the church with care and skill.

Art style: Contemporary sacral painting executed by the art-painter Ralf Abati.


Ralf Abati: +41 79 352 59 03 (for information and guided tours in German, Italian, French and English)

Aurelio Lucca: +41 79 407 13 53 (for information and guided tours in German and Italian)

Enrico Bettoni: +41 (0)79 661 52 08 (for information and guided tours in Italian)


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  1. Contact

    Oratorio di Signôra
    Raf Abati
    +41 79 352 59 03

  2. Opening

    Open all year
    Open all days

  3. Prices

    Free entry