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Museums and Cultural Spaces


The Mario Bernasconi Museum

Museum and house of birth with a collection of artwork by sculptor Mario Bernasconi (1899 – 1963) and his wife, the painter Irma Bernasconi Pannes (1902 – 1971). The house of birth exhibits the artwork of the Twenties with drawings, stories, photographs and personal objects from the sculptor.


Radio Museum

The Radio Museum offers an educational tour that tells the history of the radio starting from Guglielmo Marconi (1895) to the present day, with a special focus on the Ticino area.


Archivio audiovisivo di Capriasca e Val Colla

The ACVC collects, safeguards and redelivers to the population and to all the parties, images and oral testimonies that constitute the collective memory of the region.


Museo Sergio Maina

A professional painter he restored paintings for a living, painted frescoes in churches and never abandoned music.

Gold Mine Museum

The “Museo della Miniera” constitutes a “Unicum” in Ticino, that is, a rarity no to be missed.


Museo Rainis and Aspazija

The exhibition, created on the basis of a cooperation agreement between the municipality of the City of Lugano and the Association of Memorial Museums of Latvia, is dedicated to the Swiss exile of the Latvian writers Rainis and Aspazija at the beginning of the Twentieth Century.


House - Museum Luigi Rossi

Approximately fifty works (paintings, watercolors, drawings and sketches for Illustrations) by Luigi Rossi (1853-1923). Genre painter, author of portraits and landscapes, the work of Luigi Rossi lies between reality and symbol.


Museo d'arte sacra

This small museum, set up on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the foundation of the Parish of Breno-Fescoggia, is equipped with about eighty sacred and liturgical objects that bear witness to the historical evolution of this small parish community.


Fondazione Vincenzo Vicari

The foundation goal is to assure the conservation and the accessibility of the collection of over 650 photographic and cinematographic cameras donated by Vincenzo Vicari to the Caslano patriciate.


Edificio Storico Maglio del Malcantone

The forge was built by the Giuseppe Righetti family from Aranno in 1860. The forge produced iron tools like scythes, sickles, shovels, spades and hoes. In 1979 the “Malcantone Forge Foundation” was established and in 1992 restored the forge in order to preserve some local history for the future generations of Malcantone.


Cine Museo 65

This exhibition introduces you to the history of do-it-yourself films and shows you many contemporary documents such as amateur films, movie cameras, projectors and other devices.


Centenary museum

In 2006, the Hotel International au Lac Lugano celebrated its centenary in style by installing a small museum on the first floor.


Marionette Museum

The Museum exhibits more than a hundred of these wooden actors which, thanks to Michel and Michèle Poletti, have performed on the international stage since 1966.



L’ideatorio of the Università della Svizzera Italiana is place to meet science while experimenting and having fun.


Theater and Museum Cannizzaro

Themed Theater Museum.


Sessa gold mine

A wreath of experience and history.

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