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Casinò Lugano

Casino Lugano is a landmark in Ticino for entertainment, thanks to gaming offers completed by two bars, panoramic restaurant and an exclusive lounge&bar.

Today, the Casino offers today over 400 last generation slot machines, 28 daily prize jackpots and 18 tables dedicated to the most classic casino games.

A project that fits in well with the rest of the city

Even from an architectural point of view, the creation of the new Lugano Casinò offers a remarkable sight for the eyes. The project which was entrusted to the architects Bruno Huber, Luca Gazzaniga e Carlo Ceccolini seeks a very strong link with the city, proposing a special sort of architecture to host a new function. The real challenge was inventing a type of building that could be a modern interpretation of the gambling culture. The new structure arises from the total refurbishment and enlargement of the former Lugano theatre, a historical building dating to the end of the past century, but which had lost its character in the course of the years with several improper interventions. Although the project has kept in great consideration the need for privacy that a casino has, it has called into question the conception of the closed box gambling room and its separateness from the urban context. Thus refusing the hypocritical idea of gambling as a hidden activity, something to be concealed, the architects proposed an architectonic language that was to recover the tradition of the European gambling houses of the beginning of the century, without ever being tempted into imitating Las Vegas.
No town is without its parking problems and Lugano is surely no exception. To make up for this urban difficulty and to offer visitors an extra service, the Lugano Casinò has created the new “valet parking service”. The idea is both original and innovative; the casino has stipulated an agreement with two different city parking facilities that can be easily reached. Also because it won’t be the guests who will have to park their car. Upon arrival at the entrance of the Casinò, there will be about thirty young “drivers” in uniform and easy to recognize, who will take care of one’s car, parking it in one of the reserved and protected car parks. When the guest will have decided, probably reluctantly, to leave the comfortable halls on the lakeshore, all he’ll have to do is turn to the “valet parking” service to have his car returned in less than no time.


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  1. Contact

    Casinò Lugano SA
    Via Stauffacher 1
    6900 Lugano
    +41 91 973 71 11

  2. Opening

    Open all year
    Open all days
    Fr - Sa 12:00 - 05:00
    Su - Th 12:00 - 04:00