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Gandria - Augmented reality experience at the Swiss customs museum

Get the wearable guide, a unique Augmented Reality storytelling awaits you: a travel through time, tracing the history of the Swiss Border-Guardhouse of Cantine di Gandria, and its protagonists. An ARtGlass® project.


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  1. Contact

    Museo delle dogane svizzero
    Cantine di Gandria
    6978 Gandria
    +41 79 512 99 07

  2. Opening

    Opening season
    07.04 - 20.10.2018
    Open all days
    13:30 - 17:30

  3. Prices

    CHF 3.–
    (3d visit)

    + Entrance Ticket
    Adults: CHF 5.–
    6-16 y.o.: CHF 2.50