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This route covers 54 km around the hills of Malcantone, taking in villages where time seems to stand still and magnificent views over Lake Lugano.

Among dense chestnut groves and luscious green slopes, the route follows the gently rolling streets that gradually lead to the colourful village of Caslano perched on the lakeside. All you have to do is go with the flow through Switzerland's most breath taking natural landscapes.


  • Manno (distributore ENI) 
  • Bioggio 
  • Cademario 
  • Aranno 
  • Iseo 
  • Vernate 
  • Magliaso 
  • Caslano 
  • Ponte Tresa 
  • Croglio 
  • Sessa 
  • Astano 
  • Novaggio 
  • Miglieglia 
  • Breno 
  • Fescoggia 
  • Mugena 
  • Arosio 
  • Gravesano 
  • Manno (distributore ENI)



Points of interest


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