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Green Trails Green Digital Art Lugano

You will discover the historic streets of a city centre experiencing urban transformation, accompanied by those who daily live this transformation. An unexpected city of Lugano, beating with energy, eco-friendly art installations and urban art.

A journey through tradition and innovation starting from a historic building, where you will be catapulted into a fascinating world that links nature, digital and art in all its forms. An experience that comes from the collaboration with Kromya Art Gallery.

Kromya Art Gallery / Duration: 2h / Language: IT-EN-FR-DE


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  1. Contact

    Be Free Go Green
    Arianna Fabbri
    Via Nocc 5
    6900 Lugano
    +41 79 693 11 51

  2. Opening

    On request

  3. Prices

    CHF 35.- p.p. (from 4 people or on request): Green Guide and snack incl.