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Crime Trail – Escursione in giallo

A body has been found on Monte Tamaro.

It is immediately clear that it is Pietro Bernasconi, the deputy technical director of the Monte Tamaro cable car. Was Pietro Bernasconi murdered? And if so, who did it? In this detective story, participants put themselves in the shoes of a Ticino cantonal police commissioner with the task of handling the investigation. To participate, simply arm yourself with a charged mobile phone, activate your GPS and off you go: the investigation begins at Alpe Foppa!

The Crime Trail – Escursione in giallo is available free of charge at Alpe Foppa, Monte Tamaro. The trail is available in Italian and German.

*The 'Pietro Bernasconi case' was adapted to Monte Tamaro and is based on 'Der Fall Pierre Salzmann' by KrimiSpass.


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