Gastronomy & Traditions


Autumn Flavours in Lugano - City Tour (Free)

Every Saturday, from 04.11 to 25.11.2023

Autumn in the region of Lugano gives magic emotions…


Christmas is in the air – Lugano City Tour (Free)

Every Saturday, from 02.12.2023 to 06.01.2024

A city that transforms itself and provides unforgettable experiences…


Taste my Swiss City Lugano - Selfguided food Tour

True food and drink indulgence off the beaten track: discover the taste of Swiss cities by following recommendations from the locals.


Ticino Gourmet Tour

Ticino Gourmet Tour is a reliable site for the food and wine promotion of Ticino. It offers a careful selection of restaurants, wineries and culinary activities that enhance the quality of local products , telling their philosophy and at the same time the story of a unique place like Ticino.


Among the Beauties of the Farm and Cheese Tastings

Fresh, wholesome flavours served in a cosy, relaxed atmosphere. Our brunch features a variety of farm produce, local dishes and home-made preparations.


Be Free Go Green

“Tailor-made” activities and events, which have an eco-friendly base and enhance the environment and the land by counteracting mass tourism. The project is divided into 5 main themes:


Bike & Cook

Cassina d'Agno

Bike & Taste with Rea and Kerstin

Bicycle tour for connaisseurs.
Discover Malcantone in a different way.


Christmas Markets and Chocolate Workshop

Walking with a local guide through the stalls and booths, you will discover the many different local gastronomic, cultural, and craft products, ending with a culinary experience... a tasty chocolate workshop!

Villa Luganese

Ciambella Workshop

The Ticino “ciambella” that is part of the Swiss Culinary Heritage is a spicy, crunchy, crumbly, ring-shaped cookie with a hole in the center. "Not all “ciambelle” succeed with the hole", is a proverb that is said to console or to console someone when something fails.


Coffee Experience! Artisanal Coffee Roasting Tour with Tasting

Curious to find out what lies behind a cup of coffee? Café do Suiso roasting has what you need.

Cooking Experience

You have the opportunity to experience this unique cooking challenge and learning to work together while creating typical Ticinesi meals.


Cruise & Cook

During a charming cruise on lake Lugano, you will stop on the opposite shore to enjoy a drink on a terrace with a wonderful view of the city.


Discovering treasures in the Lugano area

Discover the surroundings of Lugano and its hidden treasures, you will have the opportunity to not only admire beautiful views but above all to get to know the local people, producers of our excellent wines and delicious cheeses, the local handicrafts from ceramics, to the violins handmade by the master luthier up to our impressive alpine horn.


Family and cooking tour

A tasty Ticino travel experience! Together with your local guide you will live unforgettable moments for the whole family!


Family move and cook

A dynamic, healthy and fun way to visit the city combining the pleasure of walking with physical exercise and culinary art.


Farmhouse on the boat

Partyboat in collaboration with Agriturismo La Stala offer you a different boat tour.


Food & Wine Tour Lugano

A guided tour through the historic center of Lugano during which you will make several stops to enjoy various specialties from Ticino and other cantons, including the delicious Merlot.


Gandria pathway, visit to the Customs Museum and aperitive in Cantine di Gandria

An easy excursion on foot, along the path that runs longlake the Ceresio, immersed in the tranquility to admire the Mediterranean flora and fauna and the splendid scenery of the lake and the surrounding mountains that frame it.


Gastronomic tasting in the vineyard

We serve an aperitif of cured meats and artisan local cheeses, accompanied by our honey, preserves, wines and spirits of the company.

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