Green Trails Picnic at Monte Roveraccio

In the splendid scenery of Denti della Vecchia, somehow resembling the Dolomites, we start our tour from Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista in Sonvico.

Along the way you'll have the opportunity to immerse ourselves and admire various types of woods: from chestnut to beech and birch trees. Then on towards incredible panoramic viewpoints and historical sites. We'll stop for a picnic, tasting organic local produce overlooking the region.

Sonvico / Duration : 4h / Language: IT-FR-EN-DE


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  1. Contact

    Be Free Go Green
    Arianna Fabbri
    Via Nocc 5
    6968 Sonvico
    +41 79 693 11 51

  2. Opening

    On request

  3. Prices

    CHF 45.- p.p. (from 4 people or on request): Green Guide and Pic-Nic incl. (drinks not incl. or on request)