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Lugano - Monte San Salvatore

The excursion allows you to enjoy this natural landmark from all its points of view.


Romantic Walk Through Traditions - Gandria

A visit to Lugano may not be defined as such if you don't include Gandria, a romantic and picturesque hamlet.


Lugano - Monte Brè

From the heart of the city to the most uncontaminated peak of Lugano. You'll enjoy the splendid view and walk through the tiny village of Brè.


Walking between history and nature - 29.09.2019

A comfortable excursion, a pleasant stimulus to reflect on the complexity of the links between all living beings and on the role of each of us in changing the fragile environmental balance in which we are immersed.


Chestnut Day 13.10.2019 (Arosio / Vezio)

A day dedicated to the world of chestnuts.


Monte Lema on the way of alpine pastures - 16.06.2019

Cima Pianca - A multilingual tourist guide will accompany as you discover this mountain’s scenic wonders.


Monte Lema on the way of alpine pastures - 21.07.2019

Alpe Firinescio - A multilingual tourist guide will accompany you as you discover this mountain’s scenic wonders.


Monte Lema on the way of alpine pastures - 08.09.2019

Alpe Nisciora - A multilingual tourist guide will accompany as you discover this mountain’s scenic wonders.


Bellinzona and its castles

Visit to the capital of Ticino, its typical peasant’s market and its castles, included in the list of the World’s Heritage of UNESCO.


Boat & Choc

Fun workshop where you will become maitre chocolatier!


Cruise with visit to the Swiss Custom's Museum

Lake cruise and visit to the particular Swiss Custom’s Museum, full of surprises and curious facts on the activities of customs officers and smugglers.


Lake cruise with stop in Gandria

Lake Cruise with stop in Gandria. Multilingual guide.


Seven Wonders - Tasting Experience

A journey of tastes and flavors on the banks of the Ceresio.
Discover meats, fish, cheeses and wines from the region.


Cruise & Cook

During a charming cruise on lake Lugano, you will stop on the opposite shore to enjoy a drink on a terrace with a wonderful view of the city.


Sessa gold mine

A wreath of experience and history.


Excursion to Valle Verzasca

Discover one of the most beautiful valleys of the southern alps and its unique cristal clear, deepturquoise coloured river.


Guided visit to Carona

A guided visit of 60 minutes around the village of Carona which will make history come alive.


Guided visit to Parco San Grato

A few steps away from the charming and characteristic village of Carona, you will find the botanical garden Parco San Grato.


Guided visit to Parco Scherrer

An extraordinary trip through time and space, where past and present, history and nature co-exist in perfect harmony.


Monte San Salvatore - Swissminiatur - Lago di Lugano

A special excursion to learn about the Lake Lugano region.


Guided Walking Tour "Following the trail of Hermann Hesse"

A footpath which takes to Hesse’s favourite places, passing by the houses where he lived, and ending to the cemetery where he is buried.


Guided Tour of Sessa

Every Monday from April to October, free guided excursion of the village Sessa.


Public guided tours at the Swiss Customs Museum

During the summer period, on Sundays, the Swiss Customs Museum offers public guided tours.


Guided visit - Carona Immagina 2019

Open-air photographic exhibition in the center of the artists’ village Carona.


Monte Lema Guided Excursions

a packed events programme to promote an exciting area.


Guided visit of Morcote

2016 Morcote was voted the loveliest village in Switzerland!


Guide della Svizzera italiana

GuideSI is an Association of professional guides, fluent in several languages, who specialize in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland.


Excursion at Monte Lema - Lunar Eclipse - 16.07.2019

Experience a thrilling partial eclipse which will obscure two thirds of the moon, and spend a fun evening on top of Monte Lema.


Monte Lema - The Perseid meteor shower/ 10-11.08.2019

Guided exursion at Monte Lema during the Perseid meteor shower.


Walking on Monte Lema at daybreak

31.07 / 10.08 / 17.08.2019
Accompanied by expert guides, you’ll be walking on Monte Lema, reaching a strategic vantage point where you can admire the sunrise and maybe watch wild animals.


Walking on Monte Lema under the moonlight

15.08 / 14.09 / 12.10.2019
Live a thrilling experience when night falls, a highly enjoyable evening on top of Monte Lema organised by Monte Lema SA with the participation of the Le Pleiadi Association.