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Discovering Malcantone’s gleaming mine and marvels

The Malcantone is the most typical of the Ticino Sottoceneri region, welcomes tourists between an arm of Lake Lugano (Lugano) Agno, the Gulf, the Ponte Tresa River and the mountains that divide Switzerland and Italy, and the splendid Lake Maggiore (Locarno).

From Ponte Tresa, make your way to Miniera d’Oro di Sessa, located in one of Switzerland’s largest mining districts. After visiting the mine, head to Novaggio, the starting point for the “Trail of Marvels”, a loop trail which takes you through a haven of tranquillity and lush greenery. You’ll pass by the historic Maglio del Malcantone where iron was worked in the 19th century to make commonly used tools.


The ideal program:


Excursion for everyone


  • Take the train to Ponte Tresa
  • Have breakfast by the lake
  • Reach by bus the Goldmine of Sessa (bus from Ponte Tresa to Sessa and from Sessa to “La Costa”, Sessa) and have a visit
  • Walk from the Goldmine of Sessa to Astano
  • Continue by bus to Novaggio


  • Have a picnic or have lunch in a restaurant
  • Enjoy the “Trail of marvels
  • Visit to “Maglio del Malcantone” and the different points of interest on the path
  • Return by bus (to Magliaso) and by train to Lugano

Not to be missed


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