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A small village with a great cultural heritage


The village boasts an outstanding historical heritage. Among its attractions are its vineyards and a small island in the Ticino river. This island can be reached by two small Romanesque bridges.

There are numerous buildings of historical interest in the village such as its seven churches, including San Nicola, a real treasure of romanesque art. Lose yourself in the narrow streets where you can admire several ancient buildings such as the “Casa degli Stanga”, home of the Museo di Leventina, and two roman bridges. Also worth visiting is La Congiunta, a modern art gallery.


The ideal program:


Excursion for everyone


  • Take the train to Bodio and catch the bus to Giornico
  • Stroll around the village and visit to Santa Maria al Castello Church, S. Nicolao Church and S. Michele Church


  • Lunch at the grotto on the island
  • Visit to the Museum of Leventina
  • Casa Stanga (Museum of Leventina)

Not to be missed

  • Stanga House
  • Local Wine

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