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Verzasca Valley


Of the wonderfully beautiful valleys of the Ticino, the Verzasca valley is probably the most fascinating - for both romantics and adventure fans.

On the way to the Verzasca Valley, take a photo of the dam from the film 007 GoldenEye bunjee jumping and stop at the arched bridge Ponte dei Salti in Lavertezzo, the most famous place in the valley. Along the river on the Sentierone you can try Bobosco: Marble runs in the woods with pulleys, sluices and other ingenious mechanisms. Don’t forget to visit the museum and the Casa della Lana (the wool centre).


The ideal program:


Excursion for everyone


  • TTake the train to Tenero and the bus in the direction of Sonogno
  • Make a stop at the bridge in Lavertezzo


  • Lunch in a typical grotto
  • Discover the village of Sonogno
  • Discover Casa della Lana
  • Visit the Museo della Valle Verzasca

Not to be missed

  • Bridge in Lavertezzo
  • Verzasca Dam – 007 GoldenEye
  • MTB trail from Brione to Sonogno

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