• Day Trips And Surrounding Scollindo 09 Porza San Rocco Luganoregion
  • Day Trips And Surrounding Scollindo 10 Porza Parco Di Trevano Luganoregion
  • Day Trips And Surrounding Scollindo 12 Canobbio Zona Al Maglio Luganoregion
  • Day Trips And Surrounding Scollindo 13 Comano San Bernardo Luganoregion
  • Day Trips And Surrounding Scollindo 15 Cureglia Parco Giochi Luganoregion
  • Day Trips And Surrounding Scollindo 16 Cureglia Parco Rusca Luganoregion

– Comano – Canobbio – Cureglia – Porza

Proposal 2

These routes alternate between inhabited areas and beautiful villages, and parts of the trails in the woods, with interesting views of nature and a beautiful panorama of Lake Lugano from several points of view. There are many connected circular routes: each of them can be completed in about 90 minutes and can be selected or combined with for longer walks.

Here are some tour ideas:

Comano – San Bernardo

You can start from the church of Comano and Centro Prospò, going up the upper part of the nucleus to the top of Colle San Bernardo. Just outside the village the route follows a mule track immersed in the chestnut grove. You descend on the other side from a more demanding path, before returning to the village from the Costasc area and cross the nucleus to reach the starting point.

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Canobbio Al Maglio – Ponte di Valle

At the entrance of the centre of Canobbio there is a crossroads of the hillside streets. You can follow the circular route as far as the recreational area on the banks of the river Cassarate going down from the Al Maglio area, for example, and going up from Ponte di Valle.

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Porza between San Rocco and Trevano

Starting for example from the Casa Comunale di Porza, you can first go down to the Trevano Park and return to the village via the Tavesio school centre. Once back to the starting point in the centre, you can already stop or continue in the direction of the Oratory of San Rocco. Continue to go down from the hill passing by Pian Gallina through a stretch of the hiking trail, then go up to San Martino and return to Porza passing through the beautiful agricultural and forest area of the Monda.

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Around Cureglia

Leaving from Casa Rusca, seat of the Municipal House of Cureglia, through secondary streets and a staircase you reach the church of Comano. From here you reach the centre of Porza, passing through the Tavesio school centre. You return to Cureglia from the Monda area. Once you arrive in San Martino you go back down to the village at the starting point passing through the “Orti di Gaggio” area.

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The altitude and direction of the itinerary on the interactive map are not binding: the technical data is therefore not perfectly reliable!

Walks, degree of difficulty: Some sections of the proposed network are on hiking or mountain trails, some sections are on stairs. Please adapt accordingly.






da/von/de/from: 1 h
a/bis/à/to: 2 h 20'



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