Highlights and points of interest

Savosa-Massagno Valgersa

Spacious sports centre and public swimming pool with slides and play areas

Massagno Gerso

Historic hamlet of the municipality with a nucleus of medieval origins

Massagno Parco Tre Pini

Leisure area in the forest at the top of the hill, with clearing and lake view

Vezia Tenuta Bally

Centuries-old agricultural area between the hill and the Vedeggio plain

Vezia Villa Negroni

Villa of the '700, with mausoleum, Italian and English style park that hosted famous people

Vezia San Martino

Oratory Madonna delle Grazie (late '700) overlooking a biotope of national importance

Savosa San Maurizio

Chapel, Masseria and Cemetery of Arch. Chiattone with tomb Countess Maraini

Savosa Parco Vira

Surrounded by greenery, with playground, sports field and recreational infrastructure

Porza Colle San Rocco

Oratory with leisure area and viewpoints in the forest or above the vineyards

Porza Parco di Trevano

Some buildings, fountain and other remains of the Castle Park demolished in 1961

Canobbio Balcone su Lugano

With a view of the gulf from the churchyard of the Church of San Siro

Canobbio Maglio

Sports ground and recreation area along the renatured area of the river Cassarate

Comano Colle San Bernardo

Oratory and hermitage surrounded by chestnut groves and leisure areas

Comano Centro Prospò

Large park embellished with bronze statues by local artist Nag Arnoldi

Cureglia Parco giochi del Castoro

With climbing, slides, balancing course, swings and cable car

Cureglia Parco di Casa Rusca

Surface area of approx. 10'000 m2 of lawns, flowers, important trees

Cadempino Due nuclei storici

Two historical nuclei, one "above" and one "below", both within walking distance of the new Civic Centre

Cadempino Centro Eventi e Palamondo

Centre with multipurpose halls, multipurpose sports hall and sports fields

Lamone Nucleo storico

Well preserved with restored rustic houses grouped in a few districts

Lamone Colle San Zeno

Colle San Zeno panoramic viewpoint with oratory, cuppellari boulders, military cave

Cureglia / Lamone / Origlio

Pianone / Gaggio / Donaggiopianura area with stables, fields and vineyards

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