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Valle Verzasca – the Ticino’s green heart

Idyllically nestled in an imposing mountainscape, the Valle Verzasca (Verzasca valley) is ideal for hiking, mountain biking and relaxing in nature. Forming the heart of the valley is the emerald-green Verzasca river with its polished gorges and deep pools made for summer bathing. Not for nothing are some of the bathing places here called the “Maldives of Switzerland”.

The Verzasca valley is popular for its beauty, its unspoilt nature and its many opportunities for exploration. Arguably, nowhere else in the world is there a more spectacular valley entrance than that of this valley: it consists of the 220 metre high dam wall made famous by the jump in the James Bond film GoldenEye.
Daredevils other than James Bond can experience this adrenaline rush in Vogorno caused by 7.5 seconds of freefall. The Valle Verzasca has much to offer besides thrills – it’s also a paradise for hikers, mountain bikers, climbers, swimmers and romantics.

Brione Verzasca is home to an extensive bouldering area that’s especially popular in spring and autumn. The Verzasca is also particularly popular with families: it offers a Myth Trail, a huge natural marble run (BoBosco), barbecue spots and lovely bathing opportunities, i.e. everything you need to keep the family happy. A Verzasca classic is the Sentierone, which runs from Tenero through the valley to Sonogno. This wonderful trail can be completed on foot in several stages or (part of it) by mountain bike.
The most photographed object in the valley is undoubtedly the arched Ponte dei Salti in Lavertezzo. This bridge and the clear emerald green river that flows beneath it are real eye-catchers. This picture-postcard landscape appears made for souvenir photos.

Sonogno, the last village of the Verzasca valley, is as enchanting as it is peaceful, with houses decorated with flowers, cobbled streets and the characteristic village square where people meet for a chat. Bars and restaurants serve traditional dishes, local specialities can be bought in the shops, and the Casa della lana (House of Wool) and museum bear witness to history and traditions, some of which continue to this day. Like the rest of the valley, Sonogno is a springboard for many outings. A valley that’s devoted to nature and where dreams become reality! Traditional yet innovative. For example, Corippo, the smallest municipality in Switzerland until 2020, is being transformed into an albergo diffuso – a “dispersed hotel” featuring existing houses in the village converted into hotel annexes.

The most convenient way to explore the Verzasca valley is by bus, which is included in the Ticino Ticket. This ‘hop-on hop-off’ service also benefits from marvellous views.
Get to know the Verzasca Valley in a playful way with BoBosco, immerse yourself in nature and make hiking a fun experience also for kids.

Boccia al bosco, or BoBosco for short, is an ingenious marble run made of chestnut wood that runs from Brione Verzasca to Lavertezzo. The 5.5 km trail through the forest, along the emerald green river Verzasca, makes this walk not only an exciting game for families, but also a natural spectacle in a beautiful landscape.
A marble run made of chestnut wood to get to know the Verzasca Valley, to introduce children to nature and to add an extra touch of fun to hiking. The wooden balls needed for the marble run can be purchased for CHF 7 at one of the sales points. The starting point is in Brione Verzasca and the route leads to Lavertezzo, where the famous Roman bridge can be admired. Along the 5.5 km you will come across 11 exciting constructions such as pulleys or water locks that carry the marble forward, picnic areas to take a break and if you keep your eyes open you might even meet one or the other inhabitants of this beautiful chestnut forest. BoBosco, an adventure for families and everyone who enjoys nature and games.


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