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Morbio Inferiore

Park of the Breggia Gorges

Take a real journey back in time with a trip to the Parco delle Gole della Breggia. The natural landscape is exceptionally interesting, especially for its geological and paleontological patrimony: the rocks that appear on the surface are hundreds of millions of years old.

Get going on an adventure, exploring the fascinating, photogenic gorges within the park, which are packed with clues about what happened there over the last 200 million years. Rocks and fossils in the upper part of the Park contain the sediments, wildlife and natural events of the ancient sea beds of the Tethys Sea, when our current continents were still joined together in Pangaea. In the lower area, the rocks tell us of the subsequent uplift of the Alps and of the ice ages until today. The gorges are listed as a model UNESCO geopark.

If you’re passionate about industrial archaeology, then this is just what you are looking for! In the heart of Parco delle Gole della Breggia you’ll find a disused cement factory. Prepare to be captivated by its impressive and evocative buildings. Amid scenery that’s full of spectacular contrasts, here’s your chance to get deep down into the nitty gritty of things on the Cement trail: a fascinating itinerary which starts from the underground quarries and crosses the enormous industrial facilities where you can discover the process of manufacture and transformation of the rock.


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