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Cogwheel railway Monte Generoso

For over 130 years, the cogwheel railway has been running along a 9 km stretch of the picturesque mountain scenery of the Monte Generoso Natural Park, from Capolago on Lake Lugano to the peak at an altitude of 1704 m. Enjoy some spectacular views! Monte Generoso is the main panoramic summit in Ticino and is one of the most fascinating areas of Switzerland.

It is the ideal place to spend relaxing days of rest and relaxation, as well as the starting point for numerous hiking trails.

The top is therefore a must, and easily reached in 40 minutes via the track railway. Once there the famous Fiore di pietra designed by renowned Swiss Architect Mario Botta, is a delight to behold.

From Monte Generoso, an incredible panorama can be admired, extending from the Apennines to the Alps. The view stretches from Northern Italy, with the Lakes region, to the Alpine chain of Grand Paradiso, from Monte Rosa to the Matterhorn and from the Jungfrau to the Gotthard massif.

It is a mountain rich with villages, panoramic sights and trails truly worth discovering. For the trip down, you can choose more or less challenging trails, based on historical or naturalistic themes. Not to be missed are the Bear’s Cave (Grotta dell’Orso) and the Nevère snow cellars, the route that leads to the exploration of Val Mara and the villages of Rovio and Arogno, as well as the path that leads to Valle di Muggio and its ethnographic museum.

Monte Generoso is the ideal place to spend days of leisure featuring the perfect blend of nature and culture.


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