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– Canobbio Al Maglio – Ponte di Valle

Proposal 2: Option Canobbio Al Maglio – Ponte di Valle

A mostly flat walk between the centre of Canobbio and the recently redeveloped banks of the Cassarate river.

Canobbio Al Maglio – Ponte di Valle

A circular route that reaches the bank of the Cassarate River starts from the centre of Canobbio, near the church, from whose churchyard there is a panoramic viewpoint known as the balcony over Lugano. It can be experienced in both directions, for example by first following the signs for the recreation and sports area Il Maglio, which can be reached along a convenient asphalt road. Once you arrive near the river, turn left and follow the path as far as the small pedestrian bridge that allows you to return along its opposite bank. On both sides there are some areas equipped for a break. You return via Ponte di Valle, where, after a short stretch on the pavement of the main road, from the centre of a small group of houses you take a flight of steps that leads back to the village of Canobbio.


4 km





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