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– Porza – San Rocco – Trevano

Proposal 2: Option Porza around San Rocco

An up and down on top and around the San Rocco hill starting from the centre of Porza and passing both inhabited areas and many stretches of nature.

Porza around San Rocco

From the town hall of Porza and the adjoining Villa Pia art museum, cross the road and start climbing towards San Rocco, following the residential road to the hairpin bend; here you will find a flight of steps that leads directly next to the Oratory, which is worth admiring, leaving the indicated route slightly. You return to the path and then continue down into the woods along a path and then a mule track. Almost immediately there is a beautiful panoramic balcony, with a romantic bench where you can stop and admire the view of the Vedeggio Valley. From Pian Gallina the path that descends becomes a hiking trail. As soon as you reach the paved road, you turn right. In San Martino, there is a biotope of national importance that deserves a stop, before returning to the centre of Porza and passing by Monda. It is a beautiful area surrounded by greenery, with an agricultural part in the clearing and wooded areas. The small paved road gradually climbs up to reach the village again. You return to the Town Hall by secondary roads and crossing the narrow streets of the centre.


5 km





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