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– Cureglia – Trevano

Proposal 2: Option between Cureglia and Trevano

It is a wide tour, with slight differences in height, which alternates inhabited areas with beautiful centers, some parks and several parts of the route in the middle of nature.

Between Cureglia and Trevano

Starting from Casa Rusca in Cureglia, you first climb up towards the church, and walk along the school lawn along the pedestrian path. Nearby there is a beautiful playground. Follow the signs to cross the cantonal road and enter the characteristic Cittadella district. Going out on the other side you go up towards Comano passing by a staircase surrounded by greenery. Once past the cemetery, continue towards the church and the park of Centro Prospò, with its statues by the artist Nag Arnoldi. You then descend mainly via secondary roads to the Quattro Strade Park and the Tavesio primary school. From the school car park, go down a pedestrian path and a flight of steps towards Trevano. This place is known for the SUPSI headquarters; it should be visited because here and there you can still find something (like the big fountain) of what was in that immense park that surrounded the Trevano Castle (demolished in 1961), defined one of the most sumptuous residences that existed in Switzerland. The route then gradually climbs up towards the centre of Porza arriving from the town hall. You then pass through the narrow streets of the centre, to reach the peaceful agricultural and wooded Monda area. Once you arrive at the biotope of San Martino, a natural pearl, you return to Cureglia passing by a residential road and then by a mule track that goes down to the Orti di Gaggio area. Once you have crossed the main road near the roundabout, you return to the large park of Casa Rusca entering through the large white gate.


8 km





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