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– Cadempino

Proposal 3: Option Around Cadempino

It is an eight-shaped path, which allows you to get to know the various areas of Cadempino, alternating a flat part with one that leads to Cureglia.

Around Cadempino

An idea of a walk to get to know Cadempino can start from the new Municipal House by first going through an underpass in the industrial area with the sports and recreational complex of the Municipality, where we propose a circular path for a short and easy walk as it is all flat, starting from the characteristic small centre. Once you have completed this circular route, you return to the Town Hall from the underpass and at this point you leave for the upper route, taking the path that goes up into the woods to Cureglia. Once at the top, you can continue through the flat area of Gaggio/Pianone. At the entrance of the same, take the path that descends from the hill passing through the wood and then leads to the edges of the Lamone. Here you take the residential road that leads back to Cadempino, passing in front of the primary school, then crossing the centre to return to the Casa Comunale.


5.2 km





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