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e-MTB – Capanna Monte Bar – Corticiasca – Bogno – San Lucio – Pairolo – Monte Roveraccio – Cadro – Capanna Alpe Bolla

Stage 4: Capanna Monte Bar – Capanna Alpe Bolla

From Capanna Monte Bar as far as Corticiasca there are alternating panoramic paved and unpaved roads, as far as Bogno you cycle along the cantonal road that crosses characteristic villages of the valley.

From Bogno you follow a dirt road as far as the San Lucio pass, on the border between Switzerland and Italy, with panoramic views of both sides. Panoramic dirt roads and single-tracks lead to Pairolo. A further dirt road winds through the woods in the direction of the scenic Roveraccio, where you continue to Cadro through a few villages; from Cadro you climb up again along a steep dirt road to the 1,228 metres of Capanna Alpe Bolla.

Alpe Rompiago — Caution: presence of protection dogs in the area.

Charging stations

Capanna Monte Bar – Capanna San Lucio – Capanna Pairolo – Capanna Alpe Bolla

Link to individual charging stations with map of positions


50.45 km

Length of which unsurfaced

25 km (25 of 50.45)

Length of which Singletrail

5 km (5 of 25)

Height difference

Salita/Aufstieg/Ascension/Ascent: 1962 m
Discesa/Abstieg/Descente/Descent: 2442 m
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