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e-MTB – Capanna Alpe Bolla – Monte Brè – Lugano – Melide – Parco San Grato – Carona – Morcote

Stage 5: Capanna Alpe Bolla – Morcote

To the characteristic village of Brè, you can take a track through the woods where single-track, dirt road and paved road alternate.

Upon reaching Brè, pedal uphill towards the panoramic Monte Brè and descend on the other side of the mountain again in the direction of Brè, where an unpaved road on the western slopes leads to Lugano. Here cross the renowned Parco Ciani and ride alongside the lake to Melide, with an intermediate stage in the small bay or at the Swissminiatur attraction. Thereafter continue towards Alpe Vicania where dirt roads mainly prevail, first to reach Parco San Grato, with varied and panoramic views, and then to cross the famous village of Carona with its characteristic narrow streets. Continue towards Ciona where a dirt road leads to Morcote, a must in the region, which was awarded the title of the most beautiful village in Switzerland in 2016. Here you can return to Lugano by boat, taking advantage of a new perspective on the area, or by bus or train from Melide.

Charging stations

Capanna Alpe Bolla-Brè-Parco San Grato, Carona

Link to individual charging stations with map of positions


51.6 km

Length of which unsurfaced

15.1 km (15.1 of 51.6)

Length of which Singletrail

3.5 km (3.5 of 15.1)

Height difference

Salita/Aufstieg/Ascension/Ascent: 1019 m
Discesa/Abstieg/Descente/Descent: 1876 m
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