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CaronAntica - Early Music Festival in Carona

27 April - 03 July 2019
Chiesa Principale, Hotel Villa Carona, Oratorio di Ciona, Piazza Montaa, Carona

Imagine a charming, almost magical place: the ancient village of Carona in Ticino, Switzerland.

Imagine discovering its architectural treasures, its evocative atmospheres full of beauty through music, through unusual, ancient and delightful sounds and instruments. Sounds coming directly from the past, from the history of the village. In contrast to today's speed, CaronAntica slows down and contemplates a sound ideal - early music - all to be discovered, together with the wonderful setting of the village. A winning combination that reconnects the listeners to a sort of universal harmony. Never before has early music been so much appreciated and revalued like today. Enjoy the mad virtuosity and the “rock” spirit of Antonio Vivaldi's Concerti per Molti Strumenti in our opening concert. Get caught by the powerful rhythm of Ensemble Les Haulz et Les Bas which bring to Carona the glorious music of the late Middle Age, and the forgotten sounds of schawms, bombards and bagpipes. Finally, join us for a musical adventure through english music from Renaissance and Baroque... England, land of witches, fairies and mad lovers that emerge from the marvelous music of Henry Purcell, Matthew Locke and John Dowland.




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