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Cantina Daniel Huber

In Monteggio, Switzerland, in the middle of the Tresa River valley, lie the vineyards and winery of HuberVini. The winery itself is located in a group of 17th century Malcantonese buildings.


Upon appointment
Closed: Sundays
Maximum 15 personnes
Production less than 30 000


Montagna Magica, Merlot Ticino Doc
Costera Riserva, Rosso del Ticino Doc
Tenuta del Ronco di Persico, Merlot Ticino Doc
Fustoquattro, Merlot del Ticino Doc    
Vigneti di Castello, Merlot del Ticino Doc
Volpe Alata, Bianco igt
Zampillo Metodo Classico, Ticino Doc


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    Cantina Daniel Huber
    Daniel Huber
    6996 Monteggio
    +41 91 608 17 54
    Fax +41 91 608 33 53