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Change of schedule and possible cancelled activities

Events, exhibitions, shows and entertainment activities may be postponed or even cancelled.

Given the ever-changing situation, we would advise you to always check opening times in advance as well as any restrictions applying to the event directly with the contact people indicated.

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Tenuta Bally & von Teufenstein

The Bally & von Teufenstein estate is now owned by the grandchildren of Ernst Otto Bally: the von Teufenstein and Bally families. The vineyards cover 6.5 hectares.Since 100 years the Tenuta Bally & von Teufenstein produces high-quality local wines.


Upon appointment
Maximum about 25 people
Closed, Saturdays afternoon, Sundays and holidays


Cresperino, Ticino DOC Merlot, non barricato
Riserva Ernesto, Rosso del Ticino DOC, Barrique
Tre Api, Ticino DOC Merlot, Barrique
Topazio, Rosso del Ticino DOC, Barrique
Sarabanda, Bianco di Merlot DOC
La Piana, Bianco del Ticino DOC
La Sfinge, Bianco del Ticino DOC, Barrique
Quarzo, Spumante di Merlot DOC


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  1. Contact

    Tenuta Bally & von Teufenstein
    Via E. O. Bally
    6943 Vezia
    +41 91 966 28 08
    Fax +41 91 966 53 71

  2. Opening

    Open all year
    Open on
    Weekend upon appointment
    Closed, Saturdays afternoon, Sundays and holidays